The company

Thanks to the experience of 4 generations present for more than a century, through the Gaudelas family, Industries du bois de Neuvy is specialised in the first transformation of oak.

In 1983, Gaudelas decided to buy a sawmill/parquetry in Neuvy in the Loir et Cher region. Still in order to process oak, the objective was to increase the production capacity, as well as to increase the surface area of the supply air and to offer significantly different product ranges to the customers.
This date thus marks the creation of the sawmill Industrie du Bois de Neuvy. Little by little, equipped with one of the most modern production tools, the production site specialised in the processing of large timber (up to 16 metres long and 1.40 metres in diameter).
The reconstituted oak boule has rapidly become the company’s flagship product. Whether for traders, joinery, cabinetmaking or cooperage, the boules are rigorously selected for their qualities from the cutting of the logs to the reception of the customer.
The quality of the plots of Industrie du bois de Neuvy also comes simply from their supplies. Indeed, the local forest massifs are world-renowned for their colour and grain.
Industrie du bois de Neuvy is therefore the experience of a family of sawyers, the most prestigious supply, a high-performance production tool and a rigorous team that allows all our customers to buy with confidence.