Our services


Industrie du bois de Neuvy provides a fair estimate of standing trees to forest owners wishing to sell their mature oak trees. We also contractually supply logs for slicing, stave and oak framing.

Cutting on list

Occasionally, for our customers who wish to have non-standard parts, we can be asked to carry out list cutting. We can saw to finished ribs or with our oversizes.


Sawing of large size logs

Our equipment enables us to saw logs of exceptional dimensions (up to 16 metres long and 1.40 metres in diameter.


Air drying of our wood

Our blocks and frames take the time to dry on our park. Our customers can therefore order our products as soon as they need them and therefore free themselves from storage problems (cost, space, damage, etc.).


Drying in a dryer

With 300 m³ capacity for our dryers and several thousand cubic metres of dried blocks. We also have a stock of dry kiln-dried blocks which allows us to increase our product range.


Reception of oak blocks

In its speciality, the oak block, the company ensures, thanks to a high-performance tool (automatic unstacking/stacking), fast and efficient customer receptions. A team is permanently available to provide these services.



Industrie du Bois de Neuvy, has one of the largest stocks of oak planks and oak frames in France, which enables it to deliver very quickly throughout France and also for export.


Our advice

Not least of all, we can guide our customers according to their requests. We know that it is important to advise our customers well in order to promote the timber industry. If questions seem to us to be outside our field, we are able to direct our clients to professionals qualified in their trade.