With more than 100 years of experience with the Gaudelas sawmill, we know the quality of the oak trees in the surrounding forest. Industries du bois de Neuvy ensures 100% of its purchases of raw materials, which allows us to control the logistics chain and traceability from logging to delivery on site.
We therefore ensure a regular supply from known sources within a 300-kilometre radius of our sawmill (mainly in the Centre Val de Loir region). Thanks to the quality of the surrounding forests, our woods have a colour and grain that are renowned throughout the world.
90% of our logs are bought on the vine during blind auctions organized by the National Forestry Organization (ONF), groups and unions of owners, forestry experts or by mutual agreement with the owners.
With our sawmills, we process 80% of these purchases into lumber, framing and lumber. The remaining 20% is traded as structural logs, medium and fine-grained stave logs, and logs of various species.
For many years we have been striving to buy wood certified by the Pan European Forest Council (PEFC) in order to promote sustainable management of our forests. As we know, it is the sustainable management of forests today that will allow the durability of our activity and above all, the valorization of a noble and durable material such as oak.