Oak boules

In a sawmill, logs, or the trunks of felled trees with their crowns removed, are cut into logs. The logs are sorted by quality in order to be sawn into logs. They are then edged into trays of the same thickness. The trays are stacked for drying. A set of sawn trays will make up a boule. Finally, the logs are stacked for drying.

Our oak boules

Industrie du Bois de Neuvy’s oak boules are made from logs selected according to strict conformity and quality. Indeed, in order to offer our customers the quality they are looking for, our logs must be sound and therefore free of frost, lunure, rust, etc. Our balls are then classified according to their lengths, diameters and qualities in order to determine the thickness of the trays that will be produced from them. Finely debarked, the logs are sawn into boards of the same thickness.
One by one, the trays of a log are carefully stacked according to several optimal parameters for their drying. Our logs are called “reconstituted”, i.e. the trays are stacked by logs. For our customers, the advantage of the reconstituted pad is to guarantee a homogeneity of grain and colour between all the trays of a pad. The latter are then numbered by iron to ensure traceability.
After leaving the sawmill, our boules are stacked on our stock where they will sweat for 1 to 5 years depending on their thickness. Ready to use for our customers, these plots, washed of part of their tannins, are “air dry”. Nevertheless, to meet all demands, our dried boules can be dried with the help of dryers and are also available in “dry kiln”.
Furthermore, in order to promote sustainable management of our forests, our logs are PEFC (Pan European Forest Council) certified according to the batches.

Our range of oak logs

Our oak boules are available in various thicknesses and qualities:

  • 15mm QBA/QB1
  • 18mm RED/QBA/QB1
  • 22mm QBA/QB1
  • 27mm RED/ QBA/QB1/QB2/QB3 Ø 40-50cm/Ø 50cm+
  • 30mm QBA/QB1
  • 34mm RED/QBA/QB1/QB2/QB3 Ø 40-50cm/Ø 50cm+
  • 41mm RED/QBA/QB1/QB2/QB3 Ø 40-50cm/Ø 50-60cm/ Ø 60cm+
  • 45mm RED/QBA/QB1/QB2/QB3 Ø 40-50cm/Ø 50-60cm/ Ø 60cm+
  • 50mm QBA/QB1 Ø 50-60cm/Ø 60cm+
  • 54mm RED/QBA/QB1/QB2/QB3 Ø 50-60cm/Ø 60cm+
  • 65mm RED/QBA/QB1/QB2/QB3 Ø 50-60cm/Ø 60cm+
  • 80mm RED/QBA/QB1/QB2/QB3 Ø 50-60cm/Ø 60cm+
  • 100mm RED/QBA/QB1/QB2/QB3 Ø 70cm+
  • 120mm QBA/QB1/QB2/QB3 Ø 70cm+
  • 200mm QBA/QB1/QB2/QB3 Ø 70cm+

We have a large stock of air-dry and kiln-dry boules in stock, enabling us to respond to your requests quickly.
In addition, we develop different ranges of studs for the cladding of carpentry with a length of 6 metres and more, or selected studs for the manufacture of solid table tops with a diameter of more than 90 centimetres, etc. For more information, please contact us.
Through the Gaudelas sawmill (click here) we also supply our customers with various types of logs.