Oak square edge

The edged boards are pieces of wood edged on all 4 sides. Available in several qualities, it is a related product to studs and frames. During sawing, these pieces are used to optimize the yield of logs. Edged square edge also increases our range of products available to our customers.
Industries du bois de Neuvy’s edged square edge is sawn at the opening of the logs, i.e., the logs are cut on a doser.
Our square edge is available in several qualities (QF1A, QF1Bx and QF2F3xx). The “x” symbol for the sawn timber grades means that the sawn timber may have one or more sapwood faces depending on the number of “x”. The choice of qualities is rigorously made by our team.
Furthermore, our sawn timber is available in 27 and 41 millimetres for lengths between 1.60 metres and 2.20 metres. Our sawn timber is stacked carefully to maintain its straightness during drying.