Oak beams


In order to saw beams or “squared timber”, the logs, are the trunks of trees that have been stripped of their canopies and felled, are cut into logs or not. After this bucking step, the cross-section of the beams can be determined by the diameter of the logs and/or their quality. The manufactured beams are stored in the open air and can be sold fresh or dry.

Our oak beams

Directly in the log or after logging, we pay particular attention to the sections that can be sawn. These are determined according to the peculiarities of the wood such as the knots (size of the knots, health of the knots, etc.). Our beams can also be sawn by whole logs up to 16 metres long. Once our beams are trimmed, we purge them if necessary to meet our customers’ requirements. Finally, the beams are carefully stacked to keep them straight. The beams can be sold fresh or dry-dry from 1 year to 10 years depending on their sections and the demand of our customers. In addition, our beams are certified European conformity (CE) and can benefit from the Pan European Forest Council (PEFC) certification.


Our range of oak beams

Our beams are available in different sections, up to 16 meters long:

– 8x8cm 8×10/x15/x20/x25/x30cm

– 10x10cm 10×15/x20/x25/x30cm

– 13x13cm

– 15x15cm 15×20/x25/x30cm

– 18x18cm

– 20x20cm 20x25cm

– 25x25cm 25x30cm

– 30x30cm 30x35cm

– 35x35cm 35x40cm

– 40x40cm and more than 5cm in 5cm…

We have large stocks of carpentry allowing us to respond to your requests quickly.

In addition, we also have curved beams, landscape crossbeams, etc. We can also slit our beams to your sections or offer you a list of sizes if some of your requests concern sections outside the standards of our stock.