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Our expertise

Industrie du Bois de Neuvy, a subsidiary of the company Gaudelas.SA is an expert in oak sawing. With the experience of 4 generations, we are specialised into the production of boules. Our job as a sawmiller begins in the forest where we come to select oak lots ready to be felled. Our objective is to supply our sawmills with the best quality wood so that it remains constant during the manufacturing process, to guarantee it to our customers. Moreover, our logs come from local forests where oak is renowned worldwide for its grain and colour. Several thousand cubic metres of logs are sawn by our team every year. We also have high-performance tools enabling us to saw large logs with a diameter of up to 1.40 metres and a length of up to 16 metres. In addition to these dimensions, we give priority to straightness, and we continue to ensure the quality of our boules when cutting our logs. In addition, we saw with an oversize cut to guarantee the thickness of our boules or the cross-section of our frames even after they have been dried. Finally, our logs are carefully stacked, favouring the flatness of the boards. Our strength also lies in our very large stock, which allows us to respond easily to our customers’ requests. These are the criteria that allow us to offer you oak boules of superior quality, this is our know-how.

Ndustrie Du Bois De Neuvy

Our creations

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Our values

Industrie du bois de Neuvy is located in the heart of several forest massifs renowned for the quality of their oak forests. We are therefore proud to enhance the value of our terroir through a 100% French supply. Likewise, we know that it is important to participate in the sustainable management of our forests, which is why our products are PEFC certified. We also maintain a network of French customers: craftsmen, traders and industries. We therefore participate in the sustainability of the French wood sector. Our woods are notably used for cabinet making, traditional carpentry, cooperage and restoration of historical monuments. Trades whose skills are a treasure for our country and especially several professions that guarantee the transmission of French culture. We also export part of our sawn timber to certain neighbouring countries. Our objective is always to show the richness of our products with passion. Industrie du bois de Neuvy is a family business. Created and managed by the Gaudelas family, the sawmill has remained on a human scale while improving its production tool. We are also constantly improving our products in order to adapt to the changing demands of our customers.